Saturday, June 23, 2018

Trying to Survive

7 days ago, my wife of almost 13 years, Melody, left me... For many reasons.

I dont blame her for going... She told me she couldnt take what our life had become a long time ago, and I just thought... a lot of things... and I was wrong. I put her through hell, just trying my best to live through this cancer and everything else... and I screwed up a lot ifnthings...  and I dont blame her for leaving at all... and now, I just want her to be safe and happy.

We were about to lose our home... we've lost it now... again for various reasons.

I know that she is safe, and she has the dogs and cats and they're OK and safe and good... and I hope Mel can have a better, happier life without me, and without the problems that have dragged us down for years.

The boy is safe and healthy and doing well, and has been since November when the state of New Hampshire decided that Mel couldnt take care of both our autistic son, and my crippled, dying, damn near bedridden ass... I am physically unable to take care of him, and he is doing very well with my aunt so he's the best off he can be right now.

At this point, I have no home, very little money, I'm just trying to survive.... For my son.

I have no home. I am currently in a hotel, and looking for a place to live that friends and family can help me pay for until I recover from the cancer surgery and can start working again.

I have cancer surgery scheduled for July 23rd, but I'm going to lose my insurance at the end of June unless I can pay $1900 before the 30th. I have applied for Medicaid and disability and every other thing... but my surgeon and hospital are in another state, and wont pay for them without a special exception, which I dont know if I will be able to get before I lose my surgical date. My cancer is advancing and will become inoperable soon. They also recently found a large mass in my skull, but the neurologist thinks its benign and can be dealt with later.

Thank you to everyone who has helped support our family... if you want to help me survive and recover, so I can be with my son, and help raise him and give him the best life possible... I'm accepting donations via PayPal, at