Monday, August 14, 2023

Best Beef Per Buck

Did you know, that if you just need a whole crap ton of actually pretty good beef burger, you can order a McDonalds double quarter pounder... With or without cheese or toppings... As up to a QUADRUPLE quarter pounder?

Is it cheap? Not exactly... It's like $11 or $12 with tax at my nearest McDs

BUT it's probably the cheapest way to get a full pound of fresh, never frozen, and well seasoned beef, in the shortest time. 

If you didn't know, a few years ago, McDonalds MASSIVELY upgraded the beef on the quarter pounder. Since 2018, in the U.S., the quarter pounder has been made on special griddles, with fresh never frozen beef, with no preservatives, and no other ingredients in the patty, except a shake on seasoning applied to the burger while grilling; with salt, black pepper, and a small amount of "other seasoning", which I think is a tiny bit of paprika, and a tiny bit of garlic powder (not enough to taste on its own, but just a little bit as part of the overall flavor). 

Also, it's now actually 4.25oz of beef precooked, which cooks down to appx 3oz... But Quarter pounder plus quarter ouncer, isn't exactly a good name for a burger. 

It really is fresh never frozen beef, that's well seasoned, and properly cooked to a medium well... They have an entirely separate grill and cooking process, and separate meat and supply chain, just for the quarter pounder... At least if the McDs you're ordering from is any good... Just like any chain, some stores are better than others. 

I mean... A double quarter pounder with cheese is up to $7 around here , and as high as $10 or $11 in some places (or even more in like, an airport), and it's between $2.20 and $3.00 for each extra 1/4 pound patty, depending on where you are again. Because yay inflation.

So as I said above, it's not exactly cheap, but I think it's a great deal. $12 for a full pound of actually decent beef, in an actually decent, well cooked burger. And you can have just the beef, beef and cheese, and if you want to bring it out with pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, bacon... Even jalapenos and nacho cheese sauce... Thats like $2 more. 

Basically, everything you get when you order a TGIMcFridayChiliBees double cheeseburger, only more meat, and served in like, 4 minutes, for like, $6 less. Or if you want fries and a large drink too, that's like $16 plus tax, vs. like $24 plus tax, AND tip, so like $8 less, and like 15 minutes less time. 

It's a great way to protein load... Or if you're a normal human who weighs less than 220 lbs and doesn't need 96 grams of protein at a time... To get multiple meals worth of burger at once (I don't eat the buns).