Saturday, February 26, 2005


Sometime last evening my counter ticked over 150,000.

Well it only took me eight years to get this far.

I first started recording stats on my home page in April of '97. From 04/97 to 10.x days ago I recorded 148,605 uniqe visitors, about two thirds of them to my resume.

That works out to about 50 hits a day.

In the last 10.x days since I've put up my blog, I've recorded about 1500 unique visitors, just about tripling my daily average.

Not too bad, I guess I'm doin something right.

Of course I look at my average daily unique visits of about 150, and then I look at somebody like Kim DuToit (a friend of mine, and my most frequent web page visited because I am an active particpant in, and the moderator of the Nation of Riflemen Forums) with 15,000 or so daily uniques ,and weekly traffic matching what I've seen in eight years, and it puts things into perspective.