Friday, December 05, 2008

The Single Best Statement I've Ever Heard on Terrorism...

... and it's from "The Daily Show"

Seriously, it is exactly and entirely correct in every way. No spin, no apologia, just raw unvarnished... welll... watch the video, you'll see.

I should note however, that there IS a rationale behind such acts; however flawed and vile it is.

A few years back I wrote a piece talking about what terrorism really was, how it worked, and what its goals were; in which I explained this rationale:
"[Terrorism is both] a tactic, and a strategy. In particular it's the tactic of forces that do not have the resources to mount a successful guerilla campaign; and the strategy of forces whose objectives are militarily impossible, but politically possible.

The objective of terrorism is to demoralize the civilan population that supports the controlling authority, and to provoke disproportionate and misdirected response from the controlling authority; which will tend to engender support for the terrorists from the disaffected population, and from outside groups opposed to the controlling authority.

Terrorism isn't about military targets, it's about violent politics and propaganda, and it works in this limited arena only. Terrorists arent trying to win wars, they are trying to gain enough support that they no longer need to be terrorists; or failing that, create enough chaos that the controlling authority collapses or loses control.

Once chaos has trumped control, the terrorists then have a better chance for conducting successful operations given their limited resources, which will allow them to take control."

Of course, it usually doesn't work; and in the mean time, a hell of a lot of innocent people die for no reason.