Thursday, August 03, 2006

The World Needs Grammar Nazis

The world needs Grammar Nazis. What is a Grammar Nazi? Look here and you'll find out. Read the caption, it's quite enlightening.

So why does the world need Grammar Nazis, or American English in particular? Aside from the strip which is a very good explanation all on its own, this comment explains why beautifully:
i thinku got it all wrong and are jealous that no little girls are voiting for u cuz you are probally some fat computer geek that only sees women from his window or on the comp lol so if anyone really read this lukas is gonna win it so suck it up and liuve with it

Anyone else in pain? Because I definitely feel a bit like a Grammar Nazi after that comment...

Seriously though, has anyone else noticed this trend towards completely idiotic and incorrect speech? I know I'm not perfect in my own writing and I make mistakes, as does everyone else. The difference is, I know what correct speech looks and sounds like and given time and inspiration I can write completely perfect pieces.

I don't think these guys even have a clue that the "English" they are using is completely and utterly flawed. If they do, I am even more disgusted with them than with the teachers who are supposed to be grading their schoolwork based on common and correct usage. But that's a little off topic...

I'm 25, and I feel old listening to the English spoken around me. Many times in the past year I've heard radio commercials or read newspaper articles by supposed professionals that use incorrect grammar or use words which don't technically exist. What ever happened to copy editors, or editors at all? I understand English is a highly adaptable language (which is why variations exist) but this is getting a bit ridiculous.

I do have to say, without a doubt, that teenagers are the worst transgressors (behind rap music of course). "U" is not a valid word, nor is "cuz". They do bear a vague resemblance to words the rest of us use but are not so lazy that we cannot type or write out. Capitalization and punctuation are also necessary in the written word, as to avoid misunderstanding. Plus there are these things call sentences which let everyone else know what part of the extra-long paragraphs actually go together. I understand public schools are failing and you may not know better, but this is ridiculous...

So to all of you teeny-boppers or self-absorbed teens who think your opinion actually counts, guess what? YOUR OPINION DOES NOT COUNT. Your opinion only counts if you can use clear, comprehensible language to back it up. If you can't, don't even try. The rest of the world isn't your friends or teachers, and we don't care how great you think you are. If you come off as an ill-educated moron to us, that's what you are. If you come off as an ill-educated moron when you apply for a job, you will spend the rest of your life flipping burgers and being disregarded.

This is how the world works. Converse and debate like an adult with an actual grasp of the English language, or don't be surprised when no one will listen to what you say.


Just call me Mel, everyone else does.