Saturday, May 30, 2009

To all the clueless music snobs

Who think I'm crazy for calling the scorpions one of the greatest, and most talented bands of all time:

That's 1974, by which time they had already been together for 9 years (and gone through one breakup). They're still together and touring today.

Is it pretentious and overblown? It was hard rock in 1974, what do you think? But it took a lot of talent to do that.

Oh and yeah, Uli Roth was HEAVILY inspired and influenced by Hendrix. OF COURSE he was. But you can also hear Roths influence in so many other bands, including a clearly strong influence on David Gilmour; and influence on many later metal bands.

The same goes for Frank Bucholz, and his very clear influence on Steve Harris.

Listen to that, and then try and tell me that Uli Roth didn't influence Eddie Van Halen? You can't. Or that Klaus Meine didn't influence two entire generations of rock lead singers. You can't.

Then there's the Schenker brothers. Without Rudi, there would be no Scorpions; and Michaels playing in UFO was legendary, and again highly influential.