Thursday, May 17, 2012

Overheard in our household... Tell us how you REALLY feel...

Or rather, in our car...

So, the situation:

We're cruising I-90 near the Idaho/Washington border, heading towards route 95 (which hits the 90 at Coeur D'Alene), at plus 7.

We had been by that spot less than two hours before, and noticed a speed trap being worked by multiple Idaho State Police troopers (in their black Dodge Chargers... very cool/evil looking).

All of a sudden, a little black Acura, with smoked out (and blue tinted) headlights, taillights, turn signals, and license plate cover (and this was at twilight... so... yeah, you already know they're a douchebag); passes us at about plus 15.

Idaho troopers are almost always fine with +7, sometimes with +9; but anything +11 or more, and you're definitely going to be getting a ticket; particularly if you're an out of state driver (because they know you aren't likely to contest the ticket).
Chris: "Hmm... wonder if I should warn him about the speed trap up ahead...?" 
Mel: "Nah... he's from Washington" 
Chris: "Oh... well fuck'im then"
I should note, I have nothing against people from Washington state... some of my best friends are from, or live in, Washington.

Washington DRIVERS on the other hand...

I drive in Washington every day (my commute is almost exactly half in Idaho, half in Washington), and let me tell you; it's very apparent soon after you cross the border (basically from Liberty Lake on west), that the quality and skill of the drivers goes down, and the stupidity and homicidal/suicidal tendencies go WAY up.

Idaho drivers are frequently slow drivers (minus 10 is not uncommon); but they're MUCH more polite, more aware, and safer.