Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Somebody snuck in and cut my throat while I was sleeping

So, I'm alive, awake, breathing OK, I feel like crap, and I look like this:

And up close and personal

So, the tumor was apparently MUCH larger than they thought, the doc having described it a "about the size of a softball", which is about 4" sphere; and having a very extensive network of blood supply vessels. So instead of the usual 2" or so incision, they made an over 4" incision; and they had to install a surgical drain for the blood.

Yeah, it's gonna be a hell of a scar.

I was intubated (with a surgical airway) for the procedure, as planned; and with the large deflection of my airway, and the pressure on it, said intubation was quite rough on my throat (also as expected).

I can speak... mostly... though barely, and croakingly, and it HURTS. Swallowing, HURTS. Breathing isn't exactly pain free for that matter. Coughing... very very bad.

And, because of how much stretching, cutting, and moving things around they had to do, all the muscles in my neck also hurt, and are strained and bruised; particularly the ones directly around my airway.

You'd be amazed at how much you use those muscles for... like, say, holding your head upright, coughing, clearing your throat, moving your body in any way etc...

It's not all bad though...

These people really know how to run a hospital. I'm at Sacred Heart in Spokane, and I've never had as nice a hospital experience in my life. The people are great, the attitudes are great. They let mel sleep next to me last night, even got her a cot... Heck even the food is actually good.

Oh and this is the view from my hospital room:

The doc will be in here in a few minutes, and hopefully I'll be able to go home later today. I'll keep you all posted.