Tuesday, November 22, 2011

See, I told you I wasn't QUITE dead... yet...

... though I admit, it turned out to be "a week from tomorrow" instead of tomorrow" as I thought it would be on the 14th; I intend to make up for it. This should be the first of at least three posts today.


...Which will almost certainly jinx it and i wont be able to write for another month... ...but Ill proceed on the notion my plan will reach frution this day.

However, it's 0945 and im in a cafe in Sandpoint; and i need to dump a bedful of frozen trash at the refuse station 5 miles south of town, so I can be ready for my "big thing" of the day, which is coming in via truck freight between 10 and noon...

...Or it would be if it weren't for the 6 full inches of mixed ice, slush, and snow alternately melting and refreezing; on the roads from the state highway to our house. Theres no way in hell a semi is getting into our road, never mind our driveway (a 7% grade).

I talked with them yesterday and asked if there was any way the could send up a city truck or box van, but no. So, instead of the white glove service I paid extra for, I'm going to need to meet them in a clear parking lot off the state highway, and do a liftgate transfer into my truck bed. Then I need to figure out how to get an unbalanced 500 pound pallet out of my truck bed, without a loading dock, forklift... even a pallet jack.

In freezing rain, onto ice and snow.


(I'm thinking of rigging a cradle hoist under the pallet and lifting it with my 3 ton shop crane and engine hoist/leveler)

Oh and did I forget to mention, I'm in the middle of a severe bout of insomnia and haven't slept in 75 hours? It's oing to be an interesting day.