Monday, December 31, 2012

... and a Happy New Year

As long as the world doesn't end within the next 6 hours, we'll finally be seeing 2013.

Thank. Fucking. God.

Not that 2012 didn't try to redeem itself at the end. Cancer is in remission, in 103 days we're expecting a baby boy (whose gestation is now past the most dangerous parts), and we've managed to spend the last 5 days in kind of a mini-vacation. I spent 3 days in Reno staying with my best friend and her parents for part of the holidays while Chris stayed with friends in Spokane and we're staying in Spokane through to tomorrow morning. Getting away for a bit helped with the need for perspective.

Of course that was the idea. Maybe it was my nervous breakdown over needing RAI treatment or my nervous breakdown over the car being repossessed (not sure which ended in being gifted plane tickets to Reno) but the need for a break was rather overwhelming.

Maybe there is such a thing as being too responsible and too goal-oriented. Maybe.

But despite 2012 trying to pull it out and the end, 2012 just really really sucked. Not just for us either, many of those attached to us by friendship, blood, or internet went through major tribulations.

2013 is almost guaranteed to be better.

We're more than happy to give it a chance.