Monday, June 03, 2013

Don't Feed Me No Lines

And keep your hands to yourself...

And I wish off my Google Reader... Unfortunately, Google has decided to stop giving us that particular flavor of free ice cream, and I am most displeased.

July 1st, Google is shutting down the Google Reader RSS feed reader... which is the only feed reader I've ever liked, and the entire reason I switched from a tab system.

Before I switched, I bookmarked everything I wanted to read periodically, in folders based on how often I wanted to read them (daily, weekly etc...); and would "open all bookmarks in tabs" or "refresh all tabs", when I wanted to read my blogs, news sites etc...

My problem with RSS feed readers has always been that I hated the interface and reading experience.

Until Reader.

Now that it's going, I can't find a reader that I like.

I really LIKE the Google Reader interface. For me, it's simple, it's clean, it lets me do what I want to do.

I read my feed on multiple computers, my tablet, and my phone; so I need a cloud based reader. I want it accessible from all those devices, across multiple platforms.

I sort my feeds in groups, so I want to have an interface that handles groups well.

I like to read the full post in the reader, not just the subject line; particularly for my webcomics; but I also want to be able to switch views to compact etc...

And I'm broke, so free would be good.

So far I've tried Feedly, the old reader, NewsBlur (which they charge for), and NetVibes.

Of those, I hated the Old Reader, and NetVibes the least. Neither really does it for me though...

Any other suggestions?