Sunday, June 30, 2013

To everyone predicting "there will be riots in the streets" for ANY reason...

To everyone who predicts "riots in the streets" for whatever reason....

There are three reasons we haven't seen mass riots of economically lower class minority youth (pretty much the only Americans who riot) in years, and likely will not any time soon:

  1. Poor youth have air conditioning now
  2. Poor youth have text messaging now
  3. Poor youth have playstation and xbox now

They're too lazy, comfortable, and entertained by other things, to bother with rioting... Rioting is hard, and hot, and not all that fun... it's too much work.

Note... I say this not because I think minorities are lazy... but because YOUTH, economically lower class or otherwise, minority or otherwise; are, for the most part, lazy and complacent; and busy doing other things.