Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Arguing From a Position of Ignorance

Atheists without any theological background, education, or training...

Please, stop trying to speak authoritatively on this subject, of which you know little or nothing.

You cannot teach, that which you do not know.

By doing so, you are spreading ignorance and misinformation throughout the universe... Something you generally claim to oppose.

You don't have to be faithful to talk about my faith... or even to teach about it. You DO have to be knowledgeable of it, and understand it's basic precepts, to speak about it with any accuracy or relevance.

Corollary to that: Please do not assume that what applies to one sect or denomination applies to all, or any, other sect or denomination within what is nominally the same faith (this applies to adherents to one sect or denomination when speaking of a different sect or denomination as well... a problem that comes up frequently).

HINT: If you haven't done the homework... here's an easy shortcut... Ask someone who is both faithful, and knowledgeable about their faith (which, admittedly, can sometimes be hard to find). Most of us are happy to help explain our faith to you...

...In fact doing so WHEN ASKED, is often one of the tenets of our faith. I know it is a duty and commandment of mine to bear witness to others.

Second Corollary to that: This advice applies to just about ANY SUBJECT, not just faith.