Friday, April 28, 2023

Some pain never goes away... it just comes less often

Jesus Christ... If you have ever had someone you love hit with early onset adult dementia, or had someone you love die in a nursing home during COVID, do NOT watch the 2021 Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham film "Help"... Unless you WANT to feel all of that again, all at once, for some insane reason.

I managed... I don't know, 1/4 of it? maybe less? before I couldn't watch anymore (the scene where Grahams character Tony, wanders off out of the care home, and is found... And what he says in that scene... I  broke down and couldn't watch any more). 

Maybe watching that on my birthday wasn't the greatest idea... Because it's those days, that you want to share with them, that are the hardest after they're gone... But honestly, I think it would have hit me as hard no matter what. One line in particular just... Gutted me completely... It's been more than 11 years since my mother died, and I think even in another 11 years it would gut me again just as bad. I shut it off an hour ago, and I'm still tearing up every few minutes. 

The film won Jodie Comer her second BAFTA (the British equivalent of the Oscars and Emmys combined), and Stephen Graham his EIGHTH ...yes, 8th... BAFTA nomination (without a win... Which is I believe the acting record), and for good reason. Their performances are... Absolutely devastating is the only way I can describe them. The film as a whole was nominated for best drama BAFTA, and won the international Emmy for best film... It's incredibly well done... The writing, the performances, the production values... Couldn't be better if they tried.

 ...But as the son of a mother who started experiencing dementia episodes at age 47 (the same age as Stephen Grahams character in the film), until she died, less than 9 years later, at just 55... It's too painful for me to watch.