Monday, March 31, 2008

More of the joys of insomnia

I've been in a prolonged episode of insomnia this time around; it's been pretty bad for, I guess about three months now. I'm averaging less than four hours a night, and the sleep debt is really starting to wear on me. I'm actually taking some short halfnaps (I always have a hard time getting fuly asleep i a nap) when I can.

Anyway, one of the side effects, as I've mentioned before, is I get a lot more time to read.

Last night at 2:06am I picked up "Islands in the Sea of Time" by S.M. Stirling, and didn't put it down again 'til I hit page 460 or so, at about 7 this morning.

I managed just about two hours, and was up for work at 9. One of the great things about working at home, no time needed to dress or commute.