Thursday, August 06, 2009

Up for a major promotion at work

So, like the title says, I'm up for a major promotion at work.

My boss is going to retire next year; and between then and now, he's being moved into a position to focus on strategic architecture and special projects.

Basically he's going to be his bosses personal architect and troubleshooter. He's already doing that, but because of changes in the division he has to split to one side or the other; and because he's retiring next year, his boss wants him to focus on the special projects rather than be the new manager.

They're doing this, because the role is expanding to encompass more staff and more responsibility. So it's effectively an entirely new position, and he's not going to be able to do the special stuff he's already doing, and be the manager at the same time.

We're going to probably increase the size of the group by 50% or more, and take over two whole new areas of responsibility, that will require new technologies, training, and expertise. We're also going to take a stronger role in the enterprise as a whole, driving more of the architecture for the whole company, and moving us more towards our strategic goals.

I would be moving from the lead of my team, to being the design, engineering, and architecture manager for the whole division; and we'd both be reporting to the guy who is now his boss (who is effectively the senior VP of the divison. He reports to a director who runs 5 divisions, who reports to the CIO).

Basically, I'd be going from 5 guys between me and the CEO, to 4 guys between me and the CEO; and from being the lead of 8 guys including me, to being the manager of 12 guys not including me.

The new job would be about a $20k pay bump, an increase in bonus to 20%, and a doubling of my annual stock options.

It would also be a lot more responsibility, a little bit of travel, a lot more BS etc... But I would get the chance to really help and protect my guys, and help move the organization where it should be.

I had my formal interview for the position this morning. It went very well. I've effectively been working directly for my bosses boss for a while now anyway, and he knows me very well. We have the same vision, goals, and ideas for the division, the group, and the position in question.

I've already got the relationships with all the other managers in the division, I know the players, I know the game; and none of the other applicants for the position do.

Importantly, he agrees with me that a drastic change in management would be very detrimental to our groups morale and productivity. Also, he knows that my guys want me to be their manager, and so do the other managers in the division (well... except for the two who actually applied for the job as well. Good guys, but I don't think they are the right choice)

The only negative factors are that I've technically only been a full time employee for a year and a half (I was a contractor for two and a half years before that); and the fact that I am VERY effective at my current job, and losing most of my time to management rather than being the lead architect I am now, would reduce the effectiveness of our team somewhat. Basically it's a little harder to promote me because he really needs me doing the job I'm doing. But we talked about that as well, and I think we've got a good solution for it.

So, I'm very confident in my chances. I should know in about two weeks.