Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Long damn day

So, my work day started at 6:30 this morning (I theoretically start at 8) with a call from the east coast. Then it was continuous calls up to a two and a half hour lunch meeting (which was at least good and useful... plus I got a free steak out of it).

While I was at lunch Mel texted me saying that the toothache she had gone in to see the dentist about was in fact two impacted and crumbling teeth with an abscessed gum underneath (which can be dangerous. Blood poisoning and systemic infection can result from an abscess like that)

She had to have emergency oral surgery. Two teeth extracted, and gum surgery. Thankfully, she has been peacefully in the arms of vicodin ever since.

She's ok, but for the pain. She's going to have to go back for several followups of the next couple weeks; and they're probably going to go for a couple dental implants.

With her and the kids both tucked safely into bed I went to my last meeting of the day, a three and hour dinner meeting, ending up at 9:30 (again, at least it was a productive and useful meeting... and I got another free steak).

Finally to come home, and have to deal with another crisis in my email. S'what I get for not taking the blackberry to dinner with me.

As I write this it's almost midnight, and I'm just now done for the day; with Mel in her vicodin induced semi-coma next to me, and the dogs piled on top of us (we couldn't keep them off the bed if we tried. They just pile on when we fall asleep anyway).

Oh, and I've still got the damned sinus infection as a leftover from the flu a few weeks ago... it's just hanging on, quietly making my head hurt as I grind away at the job.

Yaknow, I can't complain too much though. First of all, I have a great job, that's secure, with great benefits and that pays pretty well. A lot of folks can't say that.

Other people say "they don't pay me enough for this shit". I don't. I say they pay me EXACTLY enough for this shit. I wouldn't put up with it if they paid me any less, but I'm willing to put up with it without asking for more... presuming the workload doesn't get any worse, or more irritating anyway.

Gnight Gracie