Monday, September 27, 2010

Mr. 3000


First Post!!!!!

Ok folks, people have been telling me to write my own blog for two years now, so finally, here it is.

Yeah I said I'd get around to it before, but I'm lazy, what can I say.

The initial content is mostly going to be stuff I've written for other peoples blogs, and fora etc...

Suggestions, praise, worship, and deification are all welcome.

Damn... almost six years ago, that was my first post.

This is my 3000th.

When I started this blog, I was single, in my 20s, broke, and angry.

Now I'm married, with two kids, in my 30s... broke, and angry.

But it's a different kinda broke, and a different kinda angry. A better kinda broke and angry.

Then I was broke because I had been unemployed for a couple months (and was unemployed for two and a half months afterwards), had run through my savings, and I was having a hell of a time getting my unemployment benefits from the state of AZ (which is apparently a common problem).

Now I'm broke because of kids and lawyers, and moving half way across a continent... but it's a much better kinda broke. For one thing I have a regular and good income... it's just my outgo is... substantial.

Worth it though, and hopefully soon that outgo will still be substantial, but will be directed to our own ranch; instead of paying off lawyers and debts (most of which were incurred because of lawyers).

At the time I was angry because of Politics.

Today I'm angry because of... Politics.

But I yell and break things much less now.

MUCH less.