Thursday, September 16, 2010

The things you realize while humming...

So, the Marc Bolan/T.Rex song "20th Century boy was stuck in my head, and all of a sudden it morphed into another song, and I realized, Escape Clubs "Wild Wild West" is a total ripoff of "20th century boy".

Though it may not be immediately obvious if you aren't a musician, it's almost a direct lift... though it may be. It was pretty obvious to me.

Oh and as a bonus, The Roots totally burned Robert Plant the other day on Jimmy Fallon the other night, playing the intro to what we would have expected to be Led Zeppelins song "Rock and Roll", but then singing Little Richards "Keep a Knockin" (itself of course a cover of the original Perry Bradford tune, but the version they were singing was definitely Little Richards).

Jimmy Page, while one of the greatest guitarists of all time, was also a well known (and many times successfuly sued) plagiarist; and he and John Bonham just lifted the intro whole and uncredited.

Now they are certainly not the same song by any means, and lord knows there aint nothing "new" in music; but Page lifted the entire structure, rhythm etc... From the Little Richard version:

I should note, I have no problem with what Led Zeppelin did musically. This is part of the whole blues tradition, borrowing and mixing things up, and covering, and reinterpreting. It's part of the music.

I just have a problem with not giving credit where it's due; especially when you are the second highest album selling band of all time, with some of the highest royalty rates, performance rates, and publishing rates in the business (only The Beatles, and the Stones have a higher royalty rate as groups).