Friday, September 10, 2010

The Only Difference That I See

Is pretty much, well, everything.

The last time the kids were taken from me was December 4th, 2004.  I had just turned 24 and I was in complete shock, stranded in a foreign city with close to no money, no support, completely alone.  My only support network was my immediate family, who proceeded to freak out more than I did, and the guy I was seeing at the time who REALLY did not get it.  I had no money for a lawyer, barely had money for lodging and food, and had no idea what I was doing.

I still managed to get the kids back.

This time is a bit different.

This time, I have Chris whose role as my rock should never be understated.  I have a network of friends behind me, including many that I have met through this blog.  I have income.  I have a lawyer who, while he cannot take this on right now due to his schedule is busting his ass to find me counsel just as good as he is.  I have money to pay for a lawyer and a means to continue the fight.  My family still freaks out, but I can handle it better now.

I am far more confident, and competent, at 29 than I was at 24.  I owe this in large part to the gun rights community who pulled me out of my shell, good friends I can lean on, and a husband that keeps me sane.

Everything is different, including me.

I kicked ass before.  Only imagine what I can do with so many people behind me.

Never give up, never surrender.