Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wow I really need a fishing license

This is a video of the fish rising to eat at dusk in the slough off of our dock. Don't forget to choose 720p and full screen the video.

There's just a few fish out there. Just a few.

These are the rankings for the annual Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club Spring Derby:

Adult Rainbow Division
1st  Jack Peterson              19# 5oz 34"     
2nd  Calvin Nolan                15# 8oz 31"
3rd  Raliegh Turley              14#  6oz          
4th  Josh LaRue                   13# 0oz 29"    
5th Rose Greene                12#12oz 29'     

Adult Mackinaw Division
1st   Jesse Peterson            24# 15oz 37 1/2"  
2nd  Roy Stokes                   24# 9oz                
3rd  Don Peterson               16# 3oz 34'           
4th  John Jay                        15# 10oz 33"        
5th  Gale Belgarde               15# 7oz  34"        

I really, really need my resident fishing license now that I qualify.

Fun fact about Idaho Fish and Game licenses and tags:

Resident Licenses
Idaho Residency Requirements
Hunting And Fishing Combination$33.50
Sportsman Package *$117.25
Senior Combination Hunting And Fishing (65 years +) **$11.75
Military Furlough Combination ***$17.50
Military Furlough Fishing ***$17.50
Daily Fishing — 1st Day$11.50
Daily Fishing — Each Consecutive Day$5.00
Youth Resident Licenses
Junior Hunting (12-17 years)$7.25
Junior Fishing (14-17 years)$13.75
Junior Combination Hunting And Fishing$17.50
Youth Small Game Hunting (10-11 years)$7.25

Nonresident License Fees
Season Fishing$98.25
Hunting And Fishing Combination$240.00
Daily Fishing — 1st Day$12.75
Daily Fishing — Each Consecutive Day$6.00
Nongame (Expires August 31)$35.50
Trapping ***$301.75
Taxidermist/Fur Buyer ***$170.00
Small Game Hunting *$97.75
Three-day Small Game Hunting *$35.50
Three-day Salmon/Steelhead$37.50
Youth Nonresident Licenses
Junior Season Fishing (up to 17 years) $21.75
Junior Mentored Hunting **$31.75
Youth Small Game ** (10-11 years)
Upland game birds, migratory birds, cottontail rabbits, and unprotected and predatory birds and animals, including turkeys and sandhill cranes.

Yes, non-resident hunting licenses cost 12 times more than resident, and fishing licenses almost 4 times as much (which is why I didn't get a fishing license last year).

Comparing tag fees is even more fun:

Resident Tag Fees
Idaho Residency Requirements
Second Bear$11.50
Mountain Lion$11.50
Second Mountain Lion$11.50
Extra Turkey$12.25
Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat (controlled hunt tag only, does not include nonrefundable $6.25 application fee)166.75
Special Resident Tags / Fees
Junior/Senior/DAV Deer Tag *$10.75
Junior/Senior/DAV Elk Tag *$16.50
Junior/Senior/DAV Bear Tag *$6.75
Junior/Senior/DAV Turkey Tag *$10.75

Nonresident Tag Fees
Reduced & Second Bear$31.75
Mountain Lion$186.00
Reduced & Second Mountain Lion $31.75
Extra Turkey$80.00
Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat (controlled hunt tag only, does not include nonrefundable $14.75 application fee)$2,101.75
Nonresident Junior Mentored Tags / Fees
Junior Mentored Deer Tag *$23.75
Junior Mentored Elk Tag *$39.75
Junior Mentored Bear Tag *$23.75
Second Bear *$23.75
Junior Mentored Turkey Tag **$19.75
Extra Turkey **$19.75

That deer tag will cost you 15 times as much if you're out of state. Elk? 13 1/2 times. Moose? Yeah that'll be 2 grand out of pocket.

More importantly, notice the reduced rate for junior tags? Idaho believes in gateway drugs.