Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Excess volatility

Just thought I'd illustrate for you the kind of  day to day variability the "excess dependent fluid retention" brings to my life.

Last Wednesday morning, I weighed 434lbs.

Last Friday I had a doctors appointment, and I weighed 444lbs. I could definitely feel the swelling start Wednesday afternoon and build through Thursday.

All day Saturday and Sunday I could feel the swelling increasing in my feet and calves. Saturday I was 452. Sunday night I hit 458lbs.

As I type this, I weigh 446 lbs.

This is all same dosage of diuretics taken the same way, with approximately the same level of fluid intake (four to six quarts each day), the same vitamins, approximately the same salt intake, close to the same caloric intake. The only thing different is how much my body retains.

Did you know it was possible to be "brown urine" level dehydrated, while still retaining enough water to float a canoe?

It's rather irritating when you work and starve yourself for three months to lose 35 real pounds, and then in four days, you're back right where you started.