Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why Mel Loooooves Her Nook Color and E-Books

Chris bought me a Nook Color for Christmas. Of course he would not allow me to use it until he had properly rooted it so for the past 7 months I've had my own low-cost Android Tablet.

That doesn't mean I don't use it for its intended purpose. Indeed 75% of the time my Nook Color is used for e-books. In fact, by having Nook, Kindle, and Google Books apps installed my free e-book potential is pretty well maximized.

Oddly enough, I prefer the Kindle app, if only because Chris and I share e-books and I can loan the e-books out to friends across the country.

Now I know there are people in the interwebs who are die-hard physical paper book lovers. I'm one of them. I won't touch an e-book version of a reference book for example, because I desperately need those in hard copy. However when it comes to fiction, I'm e-book all the way.

Yes I know a Nook Color is no smaller than those trendy trade paperbacks or mass market paper backs. There the issue is more convenience than anything else, as I don't have to change out my reading material every day.

However, there are exceptions to the "same size" rule...

Of course, that angle doesn't really capture the difference... Try this one:

That one particular hardcover, the long awaited 5th book in George R. R. Martins "A Song of Ice and Fire" series "A Dance With Dragons", runs about 1100 pages, is about 3" thick, and weighs 3lbs 2.9 ounces.

My Nook Color, with several hundred books on it (and room for ten thousand plus more, plus music, plus games, plus internet access etc...) is less than an inch thick even with the leather case, and weighs 1 pound, 5.6 ounces (about a third of which is the case).

Chris and I bought both copies, because we're "stock the library" people.

However, let's see how the two stack up:

HardcoverNook Color
3lbs 2.9oz1lb 5.6oz
2-handed operationOne-handed operation
Requires bookmarkBookmarks itself
Requires a light sourceMakes it's own light
Costs $15-$30 per bookThousands of free books, the rest $.99 to $15
Is only one bookCarries many books
Requires a backpackFits in purse nicely
Requires traditional book publishingGives authors more control

And that is why I love my Nook Color.