Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Monster Hunter goes "Contracting"

Let's get this out of the way right now. This, is Larry Correia and Mike Kuparis new book "Dead Six":

If you read this blog, you will want to buy this book. It's officially out today, but I read it a couple months back with an advance readers copy. It's great. You should go and buy ten copies now and give them to everyone you know.

This link will let you go and do that: "Dead Six" at Amazon (paper only. Baen does not sell ebooks through Amazon because of Amazons DRM)

This link will let you choose an independent book store to buy from: Baens book store listing for "Dead Six"

So will this one, in DRM free ebook format: "Dead Six" from Baens "webscriptions"

You should go buy it now. Really, seriously, before you read another sentence.

Ok... if you need more convincing, here's the first 8 chapters: Baen books sample chapters for "Dead Six"

Let me repeat: If you like reading this blog for reasons other than "know thy enemy", you want to buy "Dead Six". And you want to buy it today, because best seller lists are all about velocity of sales, not total sales. We want to see Larry with another New York Times Bestseller now don't we?

Larry Correia should need no introduction in this crowd, being the former proprietor of Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns, once one of the coolest Class III dealers in the country; and the author of the bestselling SFF/F/Adventure novels: "Monster Hunter International", "Monster Hunter Vendetta", "Monster Hunter Alpha", "Hard Magic", and of course the near future bestsellers "Dead Six" and "Spellbound".

Mike Kupari, most of y'all probably don't know. He's a good guy, a veteran who was doing his time in the guard and decided to re-enlist in the Air Force, to volunteer to be an EOD tech. He's over in Asscrackistan right now keeping other guys from getting their asses blowed up, by risking getting his ass blowed up instead.

Let me repeat... Mike had already served. He had already done some time as a PMC too... He was free and clear, and no-one could say he hadn't done his part... but he volunteered, to go BACK, and do one of the most dangerous things we do (under THIS president no less). Yeah, he may not be so bright ;-) but he's one of the good guys.

Oh and there's one other thing...,

I'm in the book... and if you're a Guncounter member, so are you:

If you can't read that, the portion relevant to the guncounter reads:

"We would like to thank Chris Byrne and the Gun Counter for fixing the computer situation. Their generosity is much appreciated."
And of course, Larry and Mike, we were all glad to help.

There's a small story behind that, but we don't talk publicly about what we do for our servicemembers, veterans, and familys and friends in need. If someone else wants to tell it, that's fine... people think I blow my own horn too much as it is.

That said, it would be disingenuous to not mention I'm in the book in another way as well.

After we helped out with the computer situation, Larry told me he was redshirting me...

Instead of just your basic redshirting though, he made me an actual (minor) character, with a pretty interesting death.

...Just a bit more than your basic redshirting.

Oh and yeah, there's no way you're not going to be recognizing me there... Next time I go to a con, someone is going to recognize it.

Cool. Very cool.