Monday, November 07, 2011

So Much For Close Your Bank Account Day, At Least Here

So supposedly Saturday was close your bank account with the EEEEVIL big banks day. I will not grace the morons with a link to this supposed nationwide protest.

My bank is the only bank in town open on Saturdays of course.

So as a company we decided on a policy of quickly and politely closing their accounts and giving them cash for the balances. We ordered more cash in all denominations just to be prepared. We were all prepped for what might happen through an all-hands meeting a few weeks ago, during which the manager somehow managed to not use any swear words (it was a mighty effort for her).

I was working the full shift yesterday. How many accounts did we close?

None. Absolutely none. Opened a few though.

However, I did spend all day taking cash in. Approximately three times as much as a usual Saturday. The irony hit us all pretty hard.

Evidently "close your bank account day" didn't reach North Idaho.

However, I would like to note that we are an odd branch. As my immediate supervisor said yesterday, "this is probably the only branch in the company where if a man walks in wearing camo and a ski mask while carrying a rifle, our first response is "What did ya get?"