Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well... that was ironic, irritating, and kinda painful

Top Tip: 

When you have a dog whose head is as big as yours, it is probably a bad idea to wake him up from a sound sleep in your lap, by suddenly bending down and quickly picking him up off that lap. He may be startled, jerk his head sharply, and snap his muzzle shut...

Ironic moment? :

Doing so literally minutes after hitting "publish" on a post about how cute and cuddly your dogs are.

It looks worse than it is... It's too big to leave without a closure, and deep enough to damage some tissue; but it's not really deep, and it's too small to bother with stitches.

Given the tear, the shape of it, and the flap... yeah, that's probably gonna scar.

Oh well, another one for the collection. Not the worst one... not even the worst one on my face so...

Anyway, It didn't really hurt when he did it, but it's kinda irritating now. Probably gonna bruise tomorrow too... he hit my face pretty hard when he jerked his head, and that whole side of my face is feeling kinda tender right now.

Yes, I have both topical and oral antibiotics. I don't expect I'll need the orals.

Oh and no, Jayne didn't actually bite me on purpose, it was my own fault for being stupid. He literally startled and jerked his head and rammed his teeth into my face by reflex.

If he'd actually been trying to bite me, I wouldn't have a face anymore to take a picture of.

...Seriously, Jayne is half rottie, half staffie, 130lbs of solid muscle and teeth, and his head and neck are literally as big as mine. If he actually bit me on purpose, I'd be hamburger... and utterly destroyed about having had to shoot my dog.