Monday, January 21, 2013

2 Very Fatigued People...

... one house, 4 doggies, a very insistent cat, and a very resource-hungry unborn baby boy.

We haven't been the most active people online as of late. I've had a horrendous cold for about a week now and was nice enough to share it with Chris. Chris has been overextending himself with a variety of activities and is now not exactly the most energetic.

Really, we do still exist.

The job search still hasn't born enough fruit. Thank you, Congress, for finally dealing with the fiscal cliff nonsense. There's more job listings now but of course it takes 4+ weeks for anyone to actually get hired, and we ran out of reasonable shit to sell weeks ago. Rent still needs to be paid and bills still need to be paid.

On to the not-so-reasonable stuff to sell, and hoping that one of the dozen or so companies that have interviewed Chris lately ACTUALLY GET TO THE HIRING PART.


In the meantime yes we're still alive, just extremely stressed and fatigued.