Wednesday, February 06, 2013


That's what I've been saying the last few days.


Well, the weather here the last month or so has been a bit screwy. We got some pretty heavy snow for a   couple weeks, and then mixed light snow, rain, ice etc...

Then, for the last two weeks or so we've been cycling between as high as 46 (that was a freak day, but 39 hasn't been uncommon) to as low as 4 degrees (again that was a freak low, but 14 degrees hasn't been rare, and 24 has been common) in a single day.

That has meant we've been having lots of melting and refreezing; complicated by some additional wet snow, and some freezing rain.

What that has meant, is that my driveway, which is a fairly steep slope, has been a sheet of ice.

And I've fallen on that ice several times.

I've given up on taking things in and out of the shop for now, or carrying anything heavy around... I'll wait for some more melting so I can break up some of the ice etc...

Anyway last week I took a pretty nasty spill, which strained some things, bruised some things etc... Made me sore enough that I wasn't moving very much at all most of the week.

Then we had some friends over this weekend (had a "friends weekend" combined with a superbowl party)... and I warned them not to try parking in the driveway unless they had 4 wheel drive and good tires.

Unfortunately, not everyone listened to me.

Saturday night, two cars got stuck hard enough that I had to go around them with my truck, then set a recovery rig, and pull them out.

In the process, I had to climb up and down that icy slope several times... and I fell several times.

Twice, I fell and hit very very hard.

In the process I badly bruised my back, ass, and the back of my head, my left elbow, and left palm; and I badly tweaked both my knees, my back, my neck, and my left wrist.

Sunday it wasn't too bad... It hurt, and I was stiff, but I could move... even had a good time with our superbowl party.

Monday was a different story entirely.

I haven't been out of bed except to use the bathroom since Monday morning.

I have been too stiff and sore to even take a hot bath.

My range of motion without pain for my neck has been about jaw to shoulder both side. My back... the best way to describe it is overtightened overstressed cables?

I think I might be able to do so today... maybe even walk down the stairs to the main floor and participate in life for a while.

So, the GOOD news, is that its supposed to be well above freezing every day this week, and the ice sheet is already showing gravel through it in spots, so my driveway and shop are becoming accessible again.