Thursday, March 28, 2013

Babys coming

Mels water broke 2 hours ago. As of right now shes 3cm, contractions are under 3 minutes. He's coming soon. 3 weeks early.

Update at 5pm: 5 hours in, she's a bit under 5, contractions have been consistent at 2 minutes for a couple hours. She's getting her epidural now. At first it looked like we might just have a real short labor, but things have slowed down a bit. I'll keep updating through the day.

Update at 6pm: Epidural is working well, she's relaxed and fine, babys vitals look good, we're hoping the epidural helps her dilate and move along.

Mostly happy Mel:

The view from Mels bed out onto the creek, the train track, and the lake and mountains beyond (this hospital is really located in a great spot).

Update at 1910: Baby's coming soon. Contractions under 90 seconds, 9-10cm dilation. A few minutes more, less than an hour certainly

Update 1935: Baby Boy Byrne is HERE! go to the post for pics etc...