Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well... this has been sucking...

So... I have barely written anything in a couple months.

Simple reason why.

I have been very sick, for quite some time now.

And I'm not talking about in the head.

I've had multiple persistent, antibiotic resistant and or viral respiratory infections, one after another, for something like two months now.

I got the flu in january, which was very nasty and knocked me out for two weeks.  Then while I was still recovering from the flu,  I got a simple cold (viral), which moved on to a nasty sinus infection (bacterial), which then drained into my lungs and became an upper respiratory infection (both. primary and secondary), which then moved lower in my lungs and became bronchitis...

Every time I start to get better, I get reinfected, or get another subsidiary infection etc... because my immune system, screwed up by the endocrine cancer, isn't recovering fast enough.

This past weekend I was feeling good enough that I went out with friends on Friday... and two people in the large group of friends we were hanging out with were recovering from strep.

In theory, they were beyond the high percentage infectious period (more than 48 hours after presentation, with more than 3 days on antibiotics)... in theory.

So, a couple friends came back to the house for the weekend... and by Sunday we were ALL very sick.

VERY sick.

By Sunday afternoon, my voice was gone completely. I can't actually speak right now, just kinda croak.

One friend went to the docs yesterday, and Mel went this afternoon. Both were told at the time that it wasn't strep... But our friends cultures came back late this afternoon, and she definitely has strep.

So, we're going to see if Mel gets worse tomorrow, if she does she goes back in to the docs.

Meanwhile, I've been completely useless since... January?

I've managed... literally a few days... of usefulness in that time, through heavy use of medication. Otherwise... pretty much non functional.

Yes, I know, it's bad. No, there's nothing else wrong with me... or rather nothing else we didn't know about... This is what happens when you have endocrine cancer, and then high dose radiation treatment. Your immune system is screwed for months... sometimes years...