Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sometimes we forget people want to help

I posted this on Facebook yesterday:

So it doesn't surprise anyone when my uberpost goes live tonight and so I don't get a million messages asking me why we didn't mention anything: 
We, as a household, are in temporary dire straits. The short length of the last job allowed us to catch up on bills somewhat, but not get us ahead. 
So we're almost out of food and almost out of meds and need to figure out how to pay the phone bill in the next 5 days so Chris has a way to contact possible employers. 
The way things are looking right now the situation should be resolved in about a month (very likely there will be one or more job offers this week) but in the meantime between the car being undriveable and the lack of cash and food, we're kinda screwed. It's not a situation in which we can tighten our belts on either food or medication, or we risk Chris's health backsliding. 
So, yeah... 

A reader commented:

So, put up a Pay Pal link on one or both of your blog pages, note that here along with the reason(s) and make it as easy as you reasonably can for others to contribute to your continuing "adventures". Not to be crude or dismissive of either of your feelings, but it's disturbing and kinda annoying to read about the travails of people whose personal story you have read about and followed for literally years (and in my own case, actually experienced the briefest moment as a bit player in) and not have any practical mechanism to help keep the story in production (as it were). I strongly doubt I am alone in feeling this way. 

We weren't thinking those terms. Honestly, we've gotten so tired of being bad news all of the time and weren't looking for help. We were so VERY close to being out of the woods and, hopefully, in another month the past couple of years of struggle will be rapidly fading behind us. We'd forgotten that maybe people *want* to help. So as requested, here is the easy button.

If you'd like to do something more snail-mail in nature, please drop me a line at melody.byrne AT gmail DOT com. Thanks everybody for still being out there.