Saturday, July 15, 2017

Chris has been hospitalized due to nearly dying

Chris was taken to the ER Thursday night due to life threatening complications of his spreading and multiplying stage 4b endocrine cancer. It had previously spread to his lymph nodes, there are now strong indicators that it has spread further. He nearly entered a coma, and while he is currently stable it's a tenuous stability.

Ultrasound showed that what before was one tumor is now one tumor doubled in size (and growing fast) plus a second tumor.

CAT scan showed worrying shadows on his lungs.

He needs oxygen to sleep properly.

He needs aggressive cancer treatment, and now.

He can't work during this. He's still bedridden from the last surgery, AND he almost went into a coma.

On top of this, our son was recently diagnosed with a speech delay and being on the autism spectrum.

Between caring for both of them I can't work.

Our vehicle just blew a head gasket and needs replaced.

We have thousand of dollars left to reach the out of pocket max on our exchange plan (thanks ACA) which we will need pretty much immediately.

Yes, everything is going wrong at once and we are financially wrecked. 2 adults that can't work, special needs child, out of pocket max for medical care, logistics of aggressively treating cancer, replacing a vehicle, and those tiny bills that are rent, insurance premium, utilities, food...

Financially wrecked.

What's sad is we had almost, almost pulled ourselves out of the financial hole. Now we're facing several months without income and with many more bills to pay.

Anything would help. ANYTHING.

I've still got the GoFundMe up and going, and PayPal to always works, or messaging me on Facebook.

Thanks all. Wish I had better news.