Monday, February 26, 2018

Well, that was inevitable...

Surgical consult is on Friday. Then surgery in the next couple of months, if we can keep this up.

Unless Chris dies first.

Yes, we're there.

The mental and emotional states in this household are... Not good.

So... We're either raising money to get him to surgery and pay the bills, or raising money to pay the bills and get everything settled when he dies. It's really the same thing.

Either way he can't work, and I can't work and take care of him and everything else.

That's where we are. Surgery or death. Not sure of the order. Bills and groceries don't care, and wait for no one.

If you feel moved to help, I've still got the GoFundMe me up and running, PayPal to always works, Messenger Payments is a thing, Google Wallet is a thing (

Thanks all,