Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Finally... PROGRESS

Don't have a surgery date yet BUT... Have clearance from the neurologist.

The "thing" that looks like a tumor in Chris's maxillary sinus? The neurologist thinks it's fluid retention and has cleared Chris for surgery.

Now just need to get the cardiologist to sign off (a way, WAY simpler procedure, let me tell you) and then on to surgery we go.

Which is good, because we're both exhausted and at the end of our ropes and barely hanging on.

In the meantime, just gotta keep a roof over our heads and pay the $1,869.56 insurance premium that's due by the 1st. And pay rent. And buy food. And all that good stuff.

But we're closer and the neurologist doesn't think Chris is dying. So there's that.

If you feel moved to help, I've still got the GoFundMe me up and running, PayPal to always works, Messenger Payments is a thing, Google Wallet is a thing (

Thanks all,