Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A "different" perspective on some "premium" ammo.

So, a little context here...

Kommander and I just picked up a couple of Hungarian FEG PA-63s, in 9x18 Makarov. If you don't know, the gun is kind of a cross between a Makarov, and a Walther PPK.

So, everyone we've gone to for ammo is completely sold out of defensive 9x18. In fact they are mostly sold out of commercial practice ammo as well; most only having Wolf or Silver Bear, which has a bi-metallic jacket (which isn't allowed at our gun clubs indoor range); and which isn't exactly the best choice for shooting bad guys... actually I'd say it's a lot more suitable for shooting political dissidents in the back of the head.

The commercial hardball is rather lightly loaded, because they don't want to blow up any 50 year old commie guns. If you can get some of the hot premium stuff, it's actually worthwhile defensive ammo; only a little less potent than 9x19 parabellum.

So anyway, the upshot of this is, Kommander has been looking online for some defensive Mak ammo; and finding everyone there is sold out as well. A few minutes ago, he IMs me with this little exchange:

kommandr: Cheaper than Dirt has some Glasers in 9x18 Makarov
cbyrneiv: Thats better than retail, they're usually about $17.99
kommandr: You like the Glaser stuff don't you?
cbyrneiv: Yeah, if it feeds
cbyrneiv: Some guns don't get along with it, otherwise it's great
kommandr: Well I would assume due to the shape that it feeds better, on average, than hollowpoints
cbyrneiv: Generally yes, but some guns hang up on the edge between the plastic nose cap, and the copper jacket
kommandr: wait... am I reading this right, its $10 for 6 rounds?
cbyrneiv: Ayup, and that's half price
kommandr: ...
kommandr: ...
kommandr: ...
kommandr: Perhaps it would be more cost effective to shot the bad guy a few more times
Priceless man, priceless.

Oh I should note, I've shot literally thousands of round of Glaser ammo through dozens of guns. You should never carry a load in a weapon, or use that load defensively in a weapon, until you have tested it with at least 50 rounds, and preferably 100 rounds or more; to insure it feeds and shoots properly. With Glasers, that would be VERY expensive (unless like me, you managed to get a huge box of several thousand of them at an auction for $200). I don't generally recommend them as carry ammo, unless you are willing to spend that money.