Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Good Christ, Gaffer Tape is EXPENSIVE

So as a part of going back on the diet, we are of course going back on the excercise regime as well. Only one issue; the cats have SHREDDED the pads on the smith machine over the past two months.

The solution of course, is not just gaffer tape; but the super high strength vinyl over cotton, extra strength adhesive Permacel 672 pro gaffers tape, in the black 3" wide variety.

The best part though, is that it's got a 69lb (per 1") tensile strength, and 60lbs per sq. in of holding power. So a 2" strip of the 3" wide stuff can pretty much support the weight of a full grown man. ...and of course being gaffer tape rather than duct tape, it leaves very little residue when you DO want to take it off.

You could upholster your car with this stuff if you wanted to; though of course you wouldn't want to.

Only one problem, the stuff is $30 a roll even at discount places on line (it's $50 a roll at local race shops, and theater supply places); plus shipping.


Oh well, at least there's 50 yards of the stuff on the roll; and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than buying new pads, or re-covering the old ones with new vinyl.

Oh and that isn't the most expensive gaffers tape by far. Extra strength racers tape, and PC-68 super premium vinyl gaffers tape are both $40 a roll in 6 roll cases; and only available by the case.