Thursday, January 03, 2008

Oh my god, you killed RIbby...

You bastards!

It's official, McDOnalds is (for the third time), discontinuing the McRib sandwich.

I used to LOVE the McRib, even though as food products go it's about on par with the quality of cheez with a "z". No pickles or onions, and give me a pack of hot mustard sauce to go with it... yummy.

Unfortunately, they haven't had the McRib in my area for quite some time. It's a regional item in Florida, Georgia, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinatti, and Kansas City...

...and that right there is racial marketing at its finest folks.

This is only a few months after killing my favorite McDonalds menu item, the crispy chicken sandwich. The new 'southern style" chicken they replaced it with is like a nastier, cheaper copy of chik-fil-a. I used to love THAT with the hot mustard sauce too.

Reminding me thereof; if someone sold that hot mustard sauce on the open market, my god I'd buy it by the case load. It's the only reason to eat chicken McNuggets.