Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Holy crap that's a hell of a leak

We got our water bill today. Normally it's about 10,000 gallons, which with sewer and garbage fees comes out to about $70 a month.

Our December bill was $500... Apparently we used 100,000 gallons (about four swimming pools worth).

We don't have a swimming pool, and our sprinkler system has been cut off for months.

It seems that we have a leaking hose bib in our back yard; and you can't tell because its' right along our fenceline and covered with gravel and vegetation; but when we shut off that line, the flow meter stopped spooling like a slot machine.

$500... great.

UPDATE: I spoke with the city, and they confirmed the reading was correct. I let them know that we found the leak, and fixed it; and they said that once we can show that the leak was fixed and our water usage is back to normal, they can refund 40% of the charges.

Every bit helps.