Friday, July 31, 2009

Cute Overload in Puppy Form

Today is Jayne's second birthday. We can't believe he's already two.

He's been moping around the house since Mac died in a semi-depressive funk. Of course, so have we.

On top of this I, Mel, experienced EXTREME baby envy. Oh-my-god-why-aren't-you-pregnant-now baby envy. My biological clock did not start ticking, it started throwing fireworks. This is in part due to daughter the younger starting kindergarten in another week, and part due to Jayne's entry into full doggy adulthood.

To say that God put me on this earth to be a mommy is a COMPLETE understatement. Not just a mommy; a caretaker, a nurturer, a person who helps things grow. I feel empty without something to baby and nurture.

So Jayne spent his week in a funk, and I spent my week in absolute longing for something warm and baby-like. We can't have a human baby yet, and we don't want to have a baby and a puppy in the household at the same time, and a puppy is kind of like a baby...

Chris is way too tolerant of our tendencies for his own good.

This is Zoe. She is a Rottweiler/Coonhound mix and approximately 8 weeks old.

I found her through a craigslist ad posted today, along with her 10 littermates. We looked at the entire litter and she was THE ONE. She came right up to us and investigated. When I picked her up she nuzzle into my hair and didn't want to be let go. I handed her to Chris and she hasn't left his presence since.

She's about 3 lbs and a nice reddish fawn. She's incredibly inquisitive, intelligent, and submissive. She's definitely not an Alpha, which is good because we have enough of those running around. She's also VERY cuddly, and likes to play this game called "groom Chris's beard". Best of all, she's very quiet and even-tempered, without being fearful (this dog and fear do NOT go together).

We were a little worried about how Jayne would take to her, but he handled the situation very well. He's not showing any jealousy, just curiosity in his new housemate. He's already trying to play with her. She's already figured out she's Beta so we don't have any of the usual jockeying for position and thus we have peace in the household.

Of course she's a little tired from the day's activities.

When I came home from grocery shopping I found Chris asleep and her curled up at his feet. I think we've made a good choice.