Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's been a day, part two

I was a mite bit peeved yesterday... schedules like this are why:

It scrolls off the screen, there 4 more meetings after that, through til 6pm... from 6am... and every day this week has been like that.

Oh and meanwhile, in my copious free time, I've been analyzing 19,000 servers across 5 datacenters; to decommission, virtualize, consolidate, move, or continue operations without change.

We're talking about two full years worth of work for several hundred people, and something like a half a billion dollars in direct expenditure.

It was originally supposed to be a 4 week job to analyze. Then, last Tuesday, my bosses boss said that we needed the data by this Friday (tomorrow).

I said I could possibly do it in under two weeks; but that the data I had was pretty bad so there was a lot of fudge factor; and that I couldn't even do it at all without data updated to today (my last updated dataset was a few months old).

I didn't get the updated and slightly (very slightly) cleaned up data until this past Monday (I was supposed to have it last Tuesday). Then another (related) group calls me up this Tuesday afternoon and says "Your bosses boss told us you were doing this. We have to present rough numbers from your analysis, to the COO, on Thursday".

Aaaargh.... To the COO. Great.

Remember that calendar picture up above? Remember how I said every day this week (and most other weeks recently) had been like that?

So I spent several hours last night working on the analysis, then got up at 5:30, and spent another two and a half hours, so I could get the final numbers out this morning before 8am. Oh and I had two meeting before 8, starting at 6... (the joys of spanning 12 time zones, and having team members in four of them).

... and I have a completely full and a half days worth of scheduled meetings... The last few of which I am going to cancel, because I don't get overtime, and I need a damn nap.

Oh and I'm not complaining too hard. This is literally why they pay me the big bucks. I get paid a rather large amount of money to put up with this crap. 12 hour days, I don't get paid for though.