Thursday, July 09, 2009

You don't get to decide that sir

(note: this video is from 2007, but the enabling legislation for the proposal is currently before congress)

My father has the same name as I do. He has been on the no fly list, because he is a convicted felon, drug smuggler, murderer, and was once associated with the IRA. He had to sue to have his name removed from the list.

I have had firearms transactions held up because of this. I have been held for "additional security screening" because of this.

I have every right to firearms, and that list is an unconstitutional infringement on peoples rights to freedom of travel, nevermind using it to restrict peoples access to firearms.

You know what that list actually is? It's names. Just names. Including the names of congressmen, and law enforcement officers, and thousands of other innocent people who HAVE been stopped for no good reason.

No probable cause. No process for putting people on the list. No process for taking them off the list. Thus far, the only disclosures about the list, or removals from the list have been at the direct intervention of federal judges, cabinet secretaries, and members of congress.

No, you don't get to decide that sir. You do not have that right. You WILL NOT have that right.