Thursday, June 23, 2011

Holy fuckballs... they "caught" Whitey Bulger


Ok, let's get this out there right now. Jimmy Bulger was never REALLY on the run. People have known where he was at various times and places, pretty openly. He flagrantly travelled back and forth to Ireland using known aliases.

They never really went after him all that hard for that matter. The FBI would rather have had everyone forget about him, rather than try to put on a trial and drag up one of the most corrupt episodes in Bureau history.

Think about this for a second... This guy spent 16 years "on the run", never really trying to conceal his identity or change his looks; all the while on the FBIs 10 most wanted list, with a reward for any information leading to his capture...

... really... If the FBI had really wanted him, they would have had him.

Frankly... if Bulger got "caught", it's because he wanted to be caught... Or perhaps, because he didn't want to NOT be caught anymore (small difference, but important)

I'd say that Jimmy, or maybe Cathy Greig, wanted to go home. He's 81, he's been "running" since he was 65, his brother is now 77... I think he probably figured it was time.

And god help us if there actually is a trial... because Jimmy never had a problem stirring shit up. This is the guy who knows where the bodies are buried, because he helped bury them.

There are a hell of a lot of people shitting themselves from DC to Dover Maine this morning; spitting up their morning coffee as they watch the news and read their papers.

Honestly, unless you happen to be one of my family reading this linked off facebook, or happened to grow up in Mass, New Jersey, Chicago, Kansas City, or Louisiana; I doubt any of you reading this has any clue just how corrupt Massachusetts politics are...