Friday, February 05, 2010

It's Prison Rape, or Swishy Camp, and nothing in Between

Isn't it kinda screwed up, that probably the best depiction of masculine homosexuals, and romantic love between men, ever put on a major network (I don't count gay specific media like Logo etc...); is "Oz", an extremely brutal prison drama?

Now, you may hate homosexuality, think it's an abomination before god... degeneracy and deviancy whatever... but it IS a part of our culture. In fact it's a part of our culture that might involve as much as 10% of the population.

One would think, even with American attitudes towards sex, and towards homosexuality; that there would have been a more mainstream, REALISTIC, and forthright depiction of masculine gays, and romantic love between men.

Or maybe if it's more acceptable to society as a whole, of NORMAL looking lesbians, who aren't models or porn stars?

There have been plenty of depictions of swish gays, and a lot of "never see them be affectionate" stuff (not just kissing, you'll never see two men even HUG romantically on network TV), usually with ONE character or very rarely ONE couple in a large ensemble cast. Or the special "stunt casting" drop in characters (the lesbian stunt on "Roseanne" kinda thing).

Yeah I know, most of America doesn't want to see it blah blah blah... Most of us don't want to see MOST of what they put on TV, it hasn't stopped the networks. They put hypersexualized straight folks up there, they put swishy gays, and lipstick lesbians up there... Is it too much to ask for an honest depiction of just plain normal looking lesbians, and masculine gay men?

I mean, I don't feel like seeing guys making out on TV any more than most of y'all do... but then again I don't feel like seeing girls making out, or guys AND girls making out... I don't want sexual titillation from my television set. I want humor, and drama, and a semi-realistic depiction of the world around us, just turned up to 11... and that depiction should include realistic depiction of gays and lesbians.

Anyway, just a random thought (and not even an original one, since gays have been making this same complaint for years), occaisoned by the fact that the complete series of "OZ" (an EXCELLENT show that I highly recommend by the way. Almsot certainly the best performances ever pulled from Christopher Meloni, Lee Turgeson, J.K. Simmons, Dean Winters, Terry Kinney, Kirk Acevedo... well, basically the majority of the cast of "Law and Order" "Dexter", and a half dozen other shows) is on Amazons gold box deals today.