Thursday, February 11, 2010

My "New Office"

So, I've briefly mentioned before, in a few weeks, we're going to be moving from the house we've been living in the last four years.

More detail on that to follow, but for now I thought I'd inaugurate the video feature of my iPhone 3GS to show y'all my temporary workspace while we're packing.

Normally, I work in an 800sqft office/gunroom/hobby workshop etc... surrounded by a half dozen computers, several monitors, a bunch of guns, reloading equipment, tools and the like.

However, that space would be rather difficult to pack up, clean up, and get ready for moving, were I to keep actually working in it; so we decided to consolidate my workstation into the bare essentials, on the small desk in our bedroom.

Of course, I have a somewhat more expansive definition of the bare essentials than some...

My workstation consists of a ThinkPad W500 (work machine), my brand new as of yesterday (more on that later as well) HP dv8t quad (personal machine), connected to two of the six inputs of a 24" gateway monitor (that I got a SMOKIN deal on two years ago); along with the HP and IBM docking stations, and both HP and MS wireless keyboards and mice.

Unfortunately, my DVI KVM switch fried a few weeks ago or I'd just have one set of keyboard and mouse.

In the other room, and not yet hooked up, is the hackintosh. I may hook it up, I may not; I haven't decided yet.

For comms I've got my blackberry (Tour, my work phone), my iPhone 3GS, my two line landline phone (work and home), and both Skype and Googlevoice (with in and out voip).

Yes, they're all active, every day. At any time someone could be calling me on one... or frequently several... of six lines; for 10-12 hours a day.

Yes, it's a pain in the ass. No, I can't change it. It goes with the job. I work at home, and lead a team spread from Miami, Atlanta, Raleigh, New Jersey and New Hampshire on ones side of the country; and from San Diego to Seattle on the other; with Austin, San Antonio, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Menomonie Falls Wisconsin in the middle. They all work 8-6, so when necessary I work 6-8.

Anyway... it's an awful lot of (hopefully) productivity packed into a TINY little space (about 36x24").