Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Swingin' Steaks

Mel and I are heading back to Phoenix for John OCs wedding early Thursday morning. We get picked up for the ride to the airport at 2am, and need to get to bed early wednesday night, and grab a couple hours nap; since were going to have a full day of John OCs wedding activities once we get off the plane.

Then we pick up the kids from grandpa, and drive home with kids and car.

So, Mel and I decided to celebrate our last night of being solo grownups for a while, at the steakhouse whose door is pictured above.

Their specialties are a 40oz porterhouse (no, I'm not having that); and a real treat, Mels first "swingin steaks", AKA prairie oysters.

Yeah, I meant that unironically. I love the things, when they're done right.

Yeah, this is our kind of place.