Monday, April 19, 2010

Tried it.. didn't like it

Click to embiggen (From Applegeeks)...

So... the doubledown...

First, dry, not very good chicken. Such is the KFC chicken sandwich (the only things I particularly like from KFC are their chicken strips, potato wedges, and mashies and gravy) whose nominal filling serves as the "bread" of this sandwich.

The bacon? Thin, not particularly crisp, and without flavor. The cheese? Thin, greasy, and without flavor.

The worst part though, is the "special sauce". It tastes like a combination of mayo, cheese whiz, and hot sauce... and NOT in a good way.

Oh, and it costs $2 more than their chicken sandwich.

Personally, I'd just get two chicken sandwiches... or really, I'd eat somewhere else.