Sunday, June 06, 2010

Top Shot

First things first, JUST WATCH IT.

Top Shot is the first reality TV show I've seen on a mainstream cable network, that (at least in theory) focuses on real competitive shooting scenarios.

I'm sure it'll be on 50 times in the next week, find out when and watch it; or watch it here on Hulu.

Second thing, congratulations to Caleb of  Gun Nuts Media, for taking this opportunity and running with it... and good shooting man.

So, my impression of the show so far... I'll call it cautiously optimistic. The shooting challenges so far were interesting, and they haven't done as much of the normal reality TV "storyline" type BS....

BUUUUT..... There were a lot of technical mistakes in the voiceover, and a lot of overdramatic editing.





Knowing the background of the guy who was eliminated in this first episode (he's an instructor, and a highpower rifle competitor)... The idea that he could go 30 rounds with that rifle at that range, without a center hit on what looked like a 6moa target... That seems a bit off to me.

Though, I have to admit, god knows I've had days like that... We all have. You know those days, where you just can't quite hit anything, and you keep getting close but it's just not there... God that does suck.

Also, if he hadn't spent enough time with the Springfield in practice, and the guy is an experienced m14 shooter, why choose that stage?

I was surprised how little they showed the competitors for the premier episode. I expected we'd see more introduction and background on them. It's kind of hard to develop empathy for, and a connection to, a competitor, if you don't ever get to know them.

It seems to be a decision by the producers to focus the cut on the folks who were going to be eliminated... Which makes sense from a certain perspective, but could backfire on them.

Of course they've started with 16 competitors, and given the length of the show; maybe they'll focus more on speed through the first few eliminations, and then get a little more personal and character exposition later.

So far, I like it. It's not great, but it's good, has potential, and I'm hoping it gets better.