Friday, July 02, 2010

Holy crap I'm on vacation...

Well, as of five minutes ago, I am on vacation for the next 8 days and 15 hours... and I aint gonna do a damn thing  all week long 'cept whatever mood takes me.

Ok... that's not true... I'mna cheat for two hours on Thursday, because somebody scheduled a critical project meeting with top management (CIO level) for one of my projects on Thursday... but that's the ONLY work I'mna do all week.

I like two kinds of vacations. The kind where you do nothing but whatever strikes your fancy for a week; and the ones where you something you've never done before, may never be able to do again, and/or could possibly kill you.

This'll be the first time off I've taken from work this year that WASN'T taken up with the move (I took 5 days for the move, and it was WORK the entire damn time that's for sure) and man I do need it.

I took a couple weeks off at Christmas last year... but that's Christmas, and I took it off because I had to use up my excess vacation time for the year, not so I could enjoy it. Doesn't really count. Plus, living in AZ... Meh. Not the most relaxing, even in winter.... especially since we were already starting to get ready for the move (which was originally going to be in February instead of March).

Now, I've got a lake, and a canoe, and a small boat (that needs a new outboard which I don't have yet unfortunately), and the entirety of north Idaho to have fun in; and nothing particularly hanging over my head to worry about.

I think I'll read a lot, do some writing, finish a bunch of big posts (of course I said I was going to do that over Christmas, and I ended up not... ) watch some movies I've been meaning to watch... and if I don't so what.

That's the joy of the "do nothing" vacation.

I'mna swim in the lake every day... or not... but probably yeah, and warm up in the hot tub every night. Play with the kids all week. Maybe get some work done on the little boat, get it ready for an outboard. Maybe build a little patio furniture in the shop. Smoke some meat, grill some steaks and some sausages...

Oh and I got a decent sized box of fireworks for Sunday:

Too bad Idaho only allows class C (15 feet height or less) I could really go for some skyrockets; but I got a couple of what should be pretty spectacular ground bursters and fountains.

It'll be the first time the kids have ever seen fireworks up close; and we're gonna let'em stay up late so we can do them in full dark (which isn't til after 9 around here these days).

Generally I plan to enjoy a summer like I haven't since I was 15 in New Hampshire, on Lake Winnepesaukee.