Thursday, July 08, 2010

This whole relaxing thing...

Kinda workin... Finished two books today... sadly both were crap, but I finished them. Been reading three more (yes I sometimes have two or three books going at once, plus the one were reading together with the kids, plus the audiobook the wife and I listen to together when we don't feel like TV or conversation etc...) finished one two days ago, prolly gonna finish t'other one tonight before I go to sleep.

Not sleeping enough, but really I never do.

The only bad parts about this week, are that I had to take a couple hours out of it for work (once you hit this level, theres no such thing as a week off without interruptions. At least this was only a couple hours), and that it hit 90 today and we don't have AC (though we do have a portable AC unit, it isn't very effective).

So it was a bit hot late afternoon and into the evening, but come 9 oclock it started cooling down nice, and now it's a lovely 63 outside, and 74 inside with fans blowing cool air through the whole house.

I'll take this over central AC in Phoenix any day.