Thursday, October 28, 2010

Child Custody Update

The reason things have been so quiet here this week, is because Mel has been either readying to travel to, or been in, Canada since Tuesday (while I recover from pneumonia and can't really travel), for the expedited child custody hearing.

Said hearing occurred this morning. We were hoping for a speedy resolution. Unfortunately, we won't be getting that.

Although both parties attorneys were ready to proceed on the filings, the judge decided the case was too complex, and had too many issues to handle in expedited session, and remanded us over for a full hearing, date to be determined; pending the completion of full child welfare and custodial reports on both households.

Those are going to take at least a couple months; perhaps as early as Christmas, which would allow for a court date in February, perhaps a bit later, moving the hearing date a bit later.

This wasn't unexpected. We figured that a full trial was a probability, but we were hoping the judge would return the children to us until then; unfortunately, the judge decided to maintain status quo until the full hearing (although we were able to make visitation arrangements for Thanksgiving and Christmas).

So, it looks like for now, the kids are going to be in Canada at least another three months, maybe a bit more; and we're going to have to go through ANOTHER full hearing, and all that entails.